My Anwser is…..

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A couple of people have asked me if I have any spare time? My answer is:  YES!! Even though my daily schedule is taking care of my dad, my life doesn’t revolve around him. I give myself time too. After mom gets home I usually go and photograph One of my favorite place to photograph is Lake Mirror, in Lakeland Fl.

hollis-garden-35 Looking Up

hollis-garden-140 A waterfall with Macro lens


How I know He still LOVES her…

•December 19, 2008 • 3 Comments

I know that my dad is sick, but i noticed that he will ask my mom to help him get up, then he goes in for  some  kisses. He does this very often. My mom giggles and says he knows exactly  what he’s doing.  He just lets her know in his own way that he loves her the same.     visit1-35

Through My Camera Eyes

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This photograph sums up what my life is like now. Everything seems to be moving but nothing is in it’s place. I am letting everyone see what is around me.   My camera shall be my eyes.

coming-home-1161 This is an ornament on my parents Christmas tree.

Writing iT all down

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coming-home-64Icoming-home-621I have never been that person to write my thoughts down, but recently that has been my release. I have tried to write everyday , you know how it is some days. i write everything from  my frustrations, worries, to my happy moments. It has been hard for me, to sit there and write my true feelings because doing so is accepting the reality around me.

The long road ahead

•December 13, 2008 • 3 Comments

My father  had a minor stroke. I have moved in with my parents and left my life on hold for now. I wish I had the answer to why this happened, and what will come of this but I am certainly not God. I must be positive and with the help of my siblings, friends and most importantly my husband, they keep me straight. The road of recovery ahead is gonna be long but not impossible. You know you always expect, that your parents will be there to take care of you. Then one day that role changes.


This is a Moment

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My father is my best inspiration, without him, I would not have the love for photography. I took this photograph at the beach in Fl. It was one of those that you think is bad (because of the screen size), then you almost erase it…….BUT thank God you didn’t. This photograph of my Father is truly capturing and freezing a speechless moment.

The different sides of Coca-Cola

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 There really isn’t a wrong or write way to do photography. This is a coca-cola glass and it’s right next to a candle. I was teaching my brother, that you can make a photograph anytime and with anything.

 cup21     100e0457  

100_0451  looking through the glass